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Astrid (Trondheim, Norway) e-Mail: a-rydnin(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Jamie
Date: 09/23/17

"Super walk and top guide. I recommend visitors to Berlin to take this tour the first day of the stay. Amazing city and history."

Simon Crow (England) e-Mail: simon.crow(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Guide: Maria
Date: 23.09.17

"Maria was lovely and very informative with great passion for her work. She made sure the group stayed together on what was a very busy day due to the trains not running. It was a fantastic day and I would definitely recommend it to others. 10/10"

Cameron Adam (Scotland) e-Mail: Cameron1869(at)

Tour: Cold War Berlin
Guide: Ronan
Date: 22/09/17

"Very informative and insightful tour led by the excellent and engaging Ronan. Thoroughly recommend it. Well worth the money. Tour ends at the Stasi museum a visit to which I would recommend to get a great feel for the era as its pretty much as it was left."

Thomas (Berlin) e-Mail: tcfootiecrazy(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Guide: Walid
Date: 19/09/17

"Fantastic tour, well organised with a good level of information. Walid couldnt have been more helpful and encouraged questiosn throughout. All the major parts of the camp covered. The group was kept moving throughout which was good. Comes highly recommended. Thank you."

Steve (Farnham Surrey UK) e-Mail: stevemayhead(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Guide: Phil
Date: 22.08.17

"Incredible tour, the time flew by! Phil is an amazing guide with comprehensive knowledge of Sachenhausen and how it fits into the bigger picture of WW2 and the Cold War. We considered going on our own but we are so glad that we had a tour because Phil was very enthusiastic and brought the story to life. We would thoroughly recommend this tour and Phil as a guide. Thank you very much Phil! "

Ric (USA) e-Mail: rpass(at)

Tour: Insider's Potsdam
Guide: Michael
Date: 23.07.17

"Michael had a deep knowledge of the history and background on all the Potsdam sights, making this a thorough and comprehensive tour. Michael covered so much ground that we could never have done this on our own within the time frame. Well worth the cost."

Ric (USA) e-Mail: rpass(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Guide: Maria
Date: 22.07.17

"Maria was an excellent guide, and made this walk so informative and so interesting that we decided it best to take the Potsdam walking tour. Her knowledge and passion made this one of our trip highlights."

Paul O'Brien (Berlin) e-Mail: obrien04(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Guide: Maria
Date: 11.08.17

"We really enjoyed our tour of Sachenhausen Concentration Camp with our guide Maria. She constantly made sure all members of the group were together. Her knowledge was amazing and her stories were told in an interesting way. What really impressed me was her passion and desire to ensure everyone knows of the horrors committed at this place to ensure nothing like this ever happens again. "

Lauren (Berlin) e-Mail: lauren_r2003(at)

Tour: Third Reich Berlin
Guide: J.J.
Date: 31.07.17

"J.J. was an incredible guide on the Third Reich tour. He told stories and answered questions that painted a picture of the time, the tension, and the significance of each stop. I wish I could pack J.J. in my backpack and take him with me throughout Berlin!"

Beau (Australia) e-Mail: Skwah2008(at)

Tour: Third Reich Berlin
Guide: Jared
Date: 20/07/17

"Jared was an excellent guide, knowledgable and personable he made it a great experience. Highly recommended."

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