Cold War




3 hours

Meeting Point

Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin






65+ and 13-25





12 and under


Required Transport Ticket

AB single trip

Peering through the Berlin Wall Cold War tour


  • See the Berlin Wall Memorial and former Death Strip
  • See the location of Tunnel 57 and 29, two of the most successful tunnels dug under the wall
  • Take a ghost train ride up to Nordbahnhof
  • Learn about the Palace of Tears, a former East German transit building
  • Visit the Admirals Palast – location where the East German SED political party was formed
  • Learn about the “Stasi” and their methods of torture and surveillance

Starting Point

Meet at our guide on the square next to the Palace of Tears, Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin.


After WWII, Berlin was transformed from capital of Nazi Germany to a pivotal city in the struggle to control war-torn Europe. It was to become the epicentre of the Cold War, in which the two superpowers faced off. What exactly was it like to live ‘behind the Wall’ in the GDR, the Eastern Bloc’s most heavily policed state?

Find out about the devious methods employed by the Stasi (East German State Security) to keep the entire East German population under surveillance for 40 years. Discover how the KGB supported its ‘comrades’ in their attempts to outwit the CIA and MI6.

See the last remaining stretch of the death-strip and Berlin Wall along Bernauer Straße, site of multiple escape tunnels, some of which, such as Tunnel 57 and Tunnel 29, successfully conducted East Berliners to the West. Visit the minimalist Chapel of Reconciliation.

Enter the Palace of Tears, once a strategic border control crossing point. Travel between the former ‘ghost stations’, and listen to stories of daring escape attempts. Hear the extraordinary story of how The Wall came tumbling down on the night of November 9th, 1989.

Finishing Point

The tour finishes in the area of Bernauer Straße.

Insider Route

  1. Meeting Point: Reichstagufer 17, on the square near the Palace of Tears
  2. Admirals Palast
  3. Palace of Tears
  4. S+U Friedrichstrasse Station
  5. S Nordbahnhof
  6. Berlin Wall Memorial – Bernauer Strasse
  7. Remnants of the former Death Strip Area
  8. Memorial dedicated to the victims of the Berlin Wall
  9. East German original guard tower
  10. Church of Reconciliation
  11. Site of Tunnel 57
  12. Conrad Schumann Mural and site of Tunnel 29

Insider Reviews


We had an amazing tour guide, he was so knowledgeable and really brought a sense of personalisation into the tour which really allowed me to visualise the cold war.

Cold War Tour Guide Nickolai is Berlin's Hidden Gem

Wow. The best word I can use to describe our Cold War tour with the amazing Insider Tour, is simply, wow. Our guide was a true gem. We all felt his perspective was well-founded, well-researched, and well-explained - allowing us all to see things from multiple sides and come to our own conclusions (or inconclusions, even!)

Great tour

Really interesting tour! Our guide was very knowledgeable and had lots of stories about the cold war. One of the highlights of our visit to Berlin.

Highlight of our trip

This was an excellent tour. Our guide was interesting, informative and entertaining. He clearly has great interest in cold war history of Berlin and his enthusiasm for the subject made the tour.

Book this tour!

Our guide is clearly an extremely intelligent, highly educated man who is obviously passionate about 20th century history and particularly Berlin. As a British man now living in Berlin with a German wife and friends, he was well positioned to give a broad spectrum view of the city and it’s recent history.

Amazing Cold War tour

Had an amazing time yesterday on the Cold War tour. We went to some of the best landmarks as our guide explained the political and social situation. For a 4 hr tour and a coffee break halfway through I thought this was a great value! There were about 8 people in our tour. Highly recommended. Thank you!

A Cold War tour to remember

Our guide was REALLY AMAZING! His presentation and attention to detail was second to none. This tour is incredibly informative about the Cold War, and even those not interested in history or knowledgeable on the subject would have an amazing time. We saw some locations around Berlin I would never know to find on my own, and our tour guide was able to answer all questions I had. Overall I would HIGHLY recommend this tour

Really good walking tour

Did a walking tour of Cold War Berlin with a lovely young guy, who was very knowledgeable, engaging, considerate and excellent at telling describing the history and telling the stories. A particular highlight was his quick history of he Cold War using chalk on on the pavement. A wonderful 3 or so hours that went by too quickly.

Terrific experience with Asaf

Asaf was a tremendous guide: steering our group through a fascinating expose of life and death across the Berlin Wall. He brought real engagement and a sense of time and place.