Third Reich


10 am daily year round, also 2.30 pm April to October


3 hours

Meeting Point

Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin



aged 18 to 64



aged 65 and over/7 to 17





aged 6 and under


Required Transport Ticket

No public transportation ticket required


  • Explore factors that sowed the seeds for the rise and fall of Hitler and the Third Reich.
  • Gain an insight into everyday life in Berlin during WWII.
  • Learn about the destruction of Berlin during WWII, and see how Germany seeks ways to confront its past, through memorials, monuments and education.
  • See an imposing example of Nazi architecture at the former Air Force Ministry on Wilhelmstraße, where Goering orchestrated the Luftwaffe’s bombing campaigns of European cities during WWII.
  • Look around the Topography of Terror, an exhibition built on the former HQ of the Gestapo, SS and Reich Security.
  • Hear the nail-biting narrative of the final days of combat – the battle for Berlin.
  • Stand above Hitler’s bunker for an account of how the last days of the war played out in this underground complex and culminated in Hitler’s suicide.

Starting Point

Meet your guide on the square next to the Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears), Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin.


Forever marred by their inglorious Nazi past, a string of sites with a connection to the Third Reich form the backbone of this tour. Your expert guide will bring these locations to life, as you take a deep dive into the pivotal role Berlin played in the rise and fall of the Third Reich.

You will follow the route of the advancing Soviet army towards the final battle for the Reichstag in 1945, and discover the remains of the “Thousand-Year Reich”: Goering’s Air Force Ministry, Goebbels’s Propaganda Ministry, and the ruins of Himmler’s SS and Gestapo HQ, now occupied by the Topography of Terror exhibition.

At the site of Hitler’s Reich Chancellery and the exact location of the Führerbunker, your guide will give you a blow-by-blow account of the last days spent underground in the bunker, Hitler’s suicide and the fate of his remains.

Germany’s courageous resistance movement carried out many heroic acts – your guide will recount the events of the day on which they set in motion their plan to assassinate Hitler, in a desperate bid to bring down the brutal Nazi dictatorship.

You will stand at the location of the last battle to be fought in Berlin before Germany’s unconditional surrender in 1945. The imposing Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten commemorates the fallen Red Army soldiers, and its tanks and field artillery serve as a reminder of the ferocity of the fighting.

Finishing Point

The tour finishes at the Topography of Terror.

Insider Route

This itinerary is intended to give you a general idea of our route on this tour. You can expect to see and hear stories about all of these sites, as well as many more! Please be aware that the route is subject to change on any given day, should unforeseen circumstances arise.

  1. Meeting point – on the square next to the Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears), Reichstagufer 17
  2. Trains to Life – Trains to Death trains to life Memorial
  3. Reichstag parliament building – the Reichstag fire of 1933 paved the way for the Nazis to seize power
  4. Soviet War Memorial on the 17th June Street in Tiergarten
  5. Brandenburger Gate – River of Fire – Nazi supporters march throught he Brandenburger Gate in 1933
  6. Akademie der Kunst – Realm of Albert Speer
  7. Wilhelm Str. – the seat of Nazi exucutive power
  8. The site of Hitler’s bunker and suicide
  9. Goering’s Airforce/Luftwaffe Ministry
  10. Topography of Terror – site of the former HQ of the SS and Gestapo

Insider Reviews

Our guide was fantastic....

Our guide was fantastic and knew the history inside and out. Our only issue ( which had no reflection on the tour or the guide) was that we were in Berlin during Euro2024. Streets were closed and access to sites was also closed. Our guide did his best to tour around the blocked off areas. I would definitely use Insider Tour again. Lauri R. July '24

A great tour.

Glenn, our guide, was terrific. He related the sites we visited to the relevant history. A great tour. James R. July '24

Highly Recommend Third Reich Tour.

This was a well worth it tour of Berlin. Booking was easily done online, and we learned so much. Ann M. June '24

Knowledgeable and entertaining guide.

Xavier was very knowledgeable and able to tailor the tour and answer our questions - would highly recommend. Great value. Moss A. June '24

Very knowledgeable guide.

Very knowledgeable guide. He majored in 20th German History. Roger June '24

Great Experience!

We did the Third Reich tour with Georgia and she was great. Very interesting, good management of time, very informative. Would totally recommend this tour and Georgia to friends who visit Berlin. Sheryl W. June '24

Excellent tour!

Extremely knowledgeable guide and well-presented. And fun, to boot. Larry May '24

Great tour.

Chloe was a very knowedgeable, informative and friendly guide. She answered our questions and provided lots of information for our group Would definitely recommend Deborah O. May '24

Would highly recommend this.

Would highly recommend this. Artie was a very informative guide and also very passionate and articulate about the subject. Andrew Apr. '24

An excellent tour.

Jasper guided an informative and engaging tour that led us on a 3 hour walk around Berlin. He provided the perfect amount of background to make sure I understood the significance of what we were seeing. The tour was easy to find and well paced. Joshua E. Apr. '24

Really interesting tour!

Jasper did a great job of showing us lots of very interesting sights relating to the rise of the Third Reich. We were a small group which allowed for questions and chat. Really well organised, perfect length and very informative. Emma L. Apr. '24

Excellent Tour.....Excellent Guide

Well worth the money a very knowledgeable guide that kept us entertained the three hours flew by! Mark March '24

Would highly recommend this tour.

Our guide Tzvika was very knowledgeable and provided us with a lot of insight- thoroughly enjoyed our experience and would highly recommend this tour. Mark Wig Feb. '24

Informative, friendly and professional.

Our tour instructor was very informative, friendly and professional. Would recommend to friends. David R. Feb. '24

Highlight of our trip!

We absolutely loved this tour. Our guide, Hannah, had an incredible amount of knowledge about every location and the third reich. This tour is a must-do. Caleb O. Jan. 2024


Interesting sites cold weather but good! Rob H. Dec. '23

Fascinating tour.

This was a fascinating tour, that covered so much. Our guide also touched on the Cold War as we walked around too, weaving seamlessly. I would definitely recommend to others, but please bring comfy walking shoes as it is 3+ hours Leigh B. Nov. '23

5* all the way.

A very educational tour with our exceptional guide Tobi. The five stars for fun factor do not reflect the appalling subject matter but the off topic anecdotes added to the whole experience. I would thoroughly recommend. Mick Nov. '23

Excellent tour.

Easy to book. Easy to find the group. We had the best guide we’ve ever had, Hannah. She was so knowledgeable, kind, passionate about the subject, and shared incredible stories. C.McQ. Oct. '23

Incredibly knowledgeable and interesting tour guide.

Excellent! H. Kate Sept. '23

I would highly recommend this tour.

I would highly recommend this tour to everyone. And if you’re lucky enough to get Rafa? You’re on to a winner , no questions went unanswered and he’s a encyclopaedia of information. Anthony R. Sept. '23


Me and my guests loved the experience in general. No delays, compact, well explained and above all our guide Artie was perfect. . Hakan M. Sept. '23

My family did the Third Reich...

My family did the Third Reich and Cold War tours. They were excellent and good value. The tours go at a good pace and help orientate you to the city and the layers of history - would recommend doing them early in your visit. My 12 and 17 year old boys particularly enjoyed them and they were really engaged by our fantastic guide. We had Campbell for both the tours. He was knowledgeable, kind and interactive. I. B.-J. Sept. '23

I had a 3-hour Third Reich tour...

I had a 3-hour Third Reich tour with Nickolai and loved everything about the tour. Honestly, there was nothing to dislike; the 3 hours with him is one of the biggest highlights of my short stay here in Berlin. I highly recommend anyone visiting Berlin to take a tour with Insider Tour. Ranit R. Sept. '23

Very good tour, Paul is a great guide. ...

Very good tour, Paul is a great guide. I learned a lot of new information, along with a good review of material I already knew. I'd definitely recommend this tour for people interested in detail about the Third Reich. Douglas C. Sept. '23

I highly recommend this very informative tour.

I highly recommend this very informative tour. Our guide Cian was very knowledgeable, clear in his presentation & knew how to balance the difficult information with a bit of humor. The tour company Insider Tours graciously accommodated me on a tour two days after the one I paid for, but was not able to attend. Betty G. Aug. '23

This was an amazing experience.....

This was an amazing experience from so many perspectives. Meeting briefly with so many cultures from across the world, with an amazing guide that was so rich in knowledge of the events of the Third Reich - and to share in such deep detail was awe-inspiring. The guides clearly love what they do and deliver with passion - it was a tremendously worthwhile experience and will certainly return! Garth G. Aug. '23

Definitely worth it.

Easy to book, our guide Jim was Knowledgeable guide and visited all the important Third Reich sites. Definitely worth it. M. Smit Dec. '22

Insightful and thought provoking.

Guide was knowledgeable, informative, engaging and fun and took us on the journey of the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Insightful and thought provoking. Mike R. Feb. '23

Informative tour with great guide.

The tour was really very informative, explaining how Hitler and Nazi came into power and maintained absolute power throughout those years. Our guide, was really knowledgeable on the topic. I particularly like how he ended the tour with a thought provoking question on the line between reistance and acceptance.

Fascinating and informative walking tour.

This tour was informative, engaging, and worth every penny! Our tour guide braved the cold and rain to provide us with a great tour filled with fascinating history. If you're interested at all in the Third Reich/WWII History/Hitler make sure to set time aside during your stay in Berlin to take this tour. It will not disappoint!

Great walking tour.

Our guide was very knowledgeable and I could have spoken to him all day about this kind of stuff. The tour visited some great sites with interesting history with the bunker right at the end of the tour. The tour was paced well and there was plenty of time to ask questions.

Guide made the tour.

We had a great tour today with Insider. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable, he struck exactly the right tone for such a delicate topic, he had a great sense of humor, and, above all, he left us with questions to keep pondering

Great experience.

Our guide Kai was very friendly and knowledgeable, spoke great English, and shared some really insightful and personal stories.


We had a great tour with Campbell. Lots of interesting facts, but also time for jokes. He took the time not only te guide us past the highlights, but also to explain the situation, the events in time that lead to the rise of the nazi’s. Also with much photo’s and illustrations to illustrate his story and eye for the little details along the way. It was an extremely cold and windy day, but even then it ended to soon for us. Would definitely recommend. 580fleurv