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It was a great overview in 3 hours...

It was a great overview in 3 hours. George is an amazing guide, very knowledgeable.. will definitely recommend.. Deepak C. Aug. '23

I highly recommend this tour

I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Berlin and wanting to know more of the history of WWII. Since this is a tour that can’t be rushed, I’m glad I booked it with Insider Tour. T. Hughes May '23

I would recommend this tour

Good lenght of time, it went quickly, well paced and good route. Ciaran was an awesome guide, enough info to make it interesting without overwhelming us with too much, enjoyed his sense of humor as well. I would recommend this tour, easy to book, find and enjoyable. Amanda T. May '23

As a first-time visitor, I am very...

As a first-time visitor, I am very grateful to have had this opportunity to get a foundational sense of the city, and orientation to its history, culture and geography. I would recommend this great enthusiasm. Our guide was outstanding:, charming, knowledgeable, steeped in Berlin and fun. Marty K. June '23

Amazing guide

Knowledgeable and attentive particularly to the kids on the tour and encouraged them to ask questions which they did with aplomb. Ran over a little but could have listened to him all day. Ana G. Apr. '23

A wonderful introduction

A big thank you to our guide. He led us on an easy paced tour, with excellent information and time to take in the sites and ask questions. It was a really good orientation to significant places and a great jumping off point for more discovery. Elizabeth W. Apr. '23

Best Walking Tour of Berlin

Our guide was extremely informative and knowledgeable on the history of Berlin and WWll. 100% recommend this tour, Cirian took us from before the war, through the war and afterwards. We just wouldn’t have seen these places and had all the details if we had gone off on our own. 176Heathe May '23

The tour is fun and informative

The tour is fun and informative on the history and landmarks of Berlin. Love our tour guide who has great sense of humour, which make all the amount of information easier to digest and remember, would be cool if the tour can be longer ha! H. Lo Jan. '23

Highly recommend this tour

Highly recommend this tour. Our guide Jamie was second to none - knowledgeable, engaging and easy to understand. He struck just the right tone given the subject matter. Karen G. Jan. '23

It was a great experience

It was a great experience, Hannah gave us a fantastic tour of the Third Reich. Especially the Holocaust monument was impressive. Her own story was also very powerful. Would recommend it to anyone! Alexander Jan. '23

Insightful and thought provoking

Guide was knowledgeable, informative, engaging.....took us on the journey of the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Insightful and thought provoking. Mike W. Feb. '23

Superb guide, very knowledgeable, passionate and philosophical.

Superb guide, very knowledgeable, passionate and philosophical. This tour provides an interesting and fairly comprehensive sweep of Germany’s/Berlin’s history. Highly recommend. R3879E Dec. '22

Absolutely excellent Third Reich tour

Absolutely excellent Third Reich tour with a high quality tour guide. Absolutely professional, warm, instructive and supportive. I recommend them without hesitation. Richard C. Dec. '22

The tour was brilliant

The tour was brilliant. Maria was fantastic. Clearly passionate about the subject and so knowledgeable, answering all of our questions confidently. Howard T. Dec. '22

Great 1st day activity!

Great stories and a perfect introduction to Berlin! Peter did a great job leading us around East Berlin and answering our questions. Julie_B Nov. '22

A great tour

A great tour taking in many of the key sites in and around Berlin post WW2. The knowledge and interest of our guide made the trip for all of our group. D. Cairns, RAMC Association Dec. '22

I would absolutely recommend this tour

I booked this tour recommended by my friend and it was amazing. Our guide Peter was extremely knowledgeable, interesting and funny. I would absolutely recommend this tour if you want to get to know Berlin better. Ellen Jan. '23

Super interesting

We had a fantastic time with Jörg who had super interesting things to say. We learnt a lot and would definitely do it again :) Jonas B. Feb. '23

Brilliant introduction to Berlin

Our guide was superb. Loud and clear and with a great deal of knowledge. We found the tour is just right for our teenagers who really enjoyed it. I’d say a good introduction to Berlin and gives you ideas of things to further explore. J L May '23

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and explore!

I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Berlin ......don't miss out on this opportunity to learn and explore! Anth... Mar. '23

A very informative tour of Berlin

A very informative tour of Berlin. You can tell that the guide was a very passionate Berliner and student of history and that enthusiasm is reflected in the way he handles the tour! S. Longe Mar. '23

High quality guided tour in English

High quality guided tour in English. Ideal at the start of your stay in Berlin to know the historic background, and the places to visit. Our guide was very dynamic and fun. Martine O. Mar. '23

Brilliant tour - it really set us up for our stay

We had a brilliant and wide-ranging walking tour of Berlin ... stimulating, informative, fun and moving, all at once. Made us feel very at home in Berlin and excited about the few days we had ahead of us. It really set us up for our stay. Thank you! Helen, James, Alfie and Ned. Helen B. March '23

The tour was amazing

We did the explore Berlin tour. The tour was amazing. Perfect amount of information. Saw all of the big attractions in Berlin. Sarah B. Mar. '23

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