6 hours

Meeting Point

Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin





Senior / Student / Youth

65+ and 13-18







Required Transport Ticket

ABC all-day ticket


  • Our expert licensed guides uncover the realities of life and death in the camp: people fell victim to starvation, disease, forced labour and systematic extermination
  • Learn of stories of valour amid the horror, and the use of ‘death marches’ to murder remaining survivors before Soviet liberation
  • Visit the punishment cells, execution grounds, crematorium and the gallows
  • See the location where heinous experiments were undertaken in the infirmaries
  • Go in to the Jewish barracks and hear about what it took to survive under the brutal conditions of the SS

Starting Point

Meet at our guide on the square next to the Palace of Tears, Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin. Please make sure you have your ABC All-day transport ticket, as well as some food and drinks for the day (there is nowhere to buy these once we arrive at the Sachsenhausen memorial).


The Nazis imprisoned more than 200,000 people in the former concentration camp, some 45,000 of whom fell victim to starvation, disease, forced labour, systematic extermination, and experimentation.

As the first purpose-built camp established under Himmler, Sachsenhausen was conceived as a ‘model’ structure. We explain how Nazi architects designed the grounds and buildings with a view to subjugating prisoners to the absolute power of the SS. It effectively became a training ground for the Holocaust once certain groups had been defined as racially or biologically inferior.

Our licensed guides uncover the realities of life and death in the camp. Visit the barracks, punishment cells, execution grounds, crematoria, pathology laboratory, gas chamber and infirmary. Learn of stories of valour amid the horror, such as that of the British Royal Marine Commandos forced to test German army equipment. Hear about the fate of notable prisoners, such as Stalin’s son, and how ‘death marches’ were used to murder remaining survivors before Soviet liberators set up their own Special Camp No.7/1 in Sachsenhausen. Learn about the fate of some 60,000 inmates that went through the camp between 1945 and 1950 at the hands of the Soviets. See the memorial set up by the East Germans in 1961. Conclude by discovering how this dark past is memorialised by the Germans today.

Finishing Point

The tour guide will accompany you back to Berlin- either to S+U Friedrichstrasse station or Berlin Hauptbahnhof (depending on the best route on the day).


Insider Tour Berlin donates EUR 3,- per guest to the Sachsenahsuen memorial authority for the upkeep and promotion of the site.

Insider Route

The following sites are an example of our approximate route on this tour. You will see and learn stories about all these sites and many more! The route may change any day, given circumstances on the day.

  1. Meeting Point: on the square next to the Palace of Tears, Reichstagufer 17
  2. S-bahn Oranienburg
  3. Old SS functionary villas, built by concentration camp inmates
  4. Inspectorate of concentration camps – where all of the decisions were made on the entire camp system of Europe
  5. Former SS training grounds
  6. The interior of camp Sachsenhausen Memorial – the barracks, punishment cells, prison, camp kitchen, execution chamber, pathology center, infirmary, gas chamber, crematoria

Insider Reviews

Our tour guidewas excellent

Our tour guidewas excellent. Even though the subject matter was tough, he presented all the information in a very thoughtful and considered way. Kristina W. Jan. '23

Highly recommend this tour

Highly recommend this tour. Our guide Jamie was second to none - knowledgeable, engaging and easy to understand. He struck just the right tone given the subject matter. Karen G. Jan. '23

Guide was marvellous....

Guide was marvellous..... He's very knowledgable and happy to take questions! Will book insider tour again! S.W.L. Feb. '23

The best guide ever.

Really good tour & well organised. Couldn’t of asked for anyone more knowledgeable thanour guide from Insider Tours. Explained everything & the story behind it, has visual aids to show with his iPad. Was very friendly & thrived on folk from the group asking him questions. Nothing was an issue for him. Sachsenhausen itself was an eye opener, it was a cold and wet day and that just added to the experience of what atrocities took place there

Moving experience

Our guide was very knowledgeable and really brought this experience to life. I think that going without a guide would be a mistake. As you would miss so much of the history of this place. The day with her historical knowledge and relevant and interesting anecdotes. The logistics of the day were flawless. Thanks Insider

I learnt a lot about German history

Our guide was very knowledgeable about Sachsenhausen and thus the trip was very informative. She took the time to answer all of our questions. I would highly recommend this trip to learn more about Germany history.


Our tour guide answered every question we had, and was very knowledgeable, respectful & passionate about the subject. He used visuals, personal stories, & historical events to give us a clear picture of the camp’s history.

A must-see in Berlin!

Jamie was an incredible guide and gave us a very educated and powerful overview of German history, particularly within the WW2 era. He worded things perfectly, was professional and very friendly. I can’t think of a better person to have given us the overview of the camp and the history that led to its construction, as well as how Germany continues to combat anti-semitism today. We learned a ton.