Berlin has been my playground for almost 20 years and I find the city as fascinating as ever, it is a place I could never get tired of. Join me on a tour so I can share my love and passion for the city with you!


Berlin is a never-ending source of fascinating tales for someone like me, who possesses a passion for story-telling.


With a background in acting, modelling, and rock journalism, Maria never tires of telling Berlin's complex and important history while guiding all of our tours.


After having visited 74 countries in the world, has made the set conclusion that Berlin is the best place on Earth.


A Berliner with extensive knowledge of WWII, with an extensive beard to match.


Specialties include Berlin digs, exploring Nazi bunkers, travel journalism, touring the city and lecture tours on the Eastern Mediterranean.


Award-winning travel documentary filmmaker with a passion for people and history.

Jamie G

A writer, cultural historian and adopted Berliner.

Insider Tour Guide Jesse


Los Angeles transplant, historian, passionate guide in and around Berlin.