6 hours

Meeting Point

Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin





Senior / Student / Youth

65+ and 13-25





12 and under


Required Transport Ticket

ABC all-day ticket


  • Stroll around the Dutch Quarter, an ensemble of red-brick buildings that is unique in Europe
  • Walk across the “bridge of spies” (Glienicke Bridge)
  • See the stunning grounds of Sanssouci Palace, favourite residence of Frederick the Great, which is set in beautiful parkland scattered with temples, churches and follies
  • visit Cecilienhof, the manorial residence of Germany’s last Crown Prince, which was used to host the Potsdam Conference in 1945
  • Stroll through the KGB’s “forbidden city” The old HQ of the the Soviets counterintelligence during the Cold War
  • Walk through the Brandenburger Gate on your way to the impressive Church of Peace

Starting Point

Meet at our guide on the square next to the Palace of Tears, Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin.


It’s easy to see why the palaces and parks of Potsdam were designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990. The city is incredibly picturesque, with its many palaces, lakes, manicured gardens, statues and water fountains dotted over hundreds of green acres.

Stroll around the Dutch Quarter, an ensemble of red-brick buildings that is unique in Europe. The infamous ‘Soldier King’, Frederick William I, renowned for the giant men he collected for his showcase military regiments, built the houses in the mid-18th century to accommodate Potsdam’s community of Dutch artisans.

After crossing the ‘Bridge of Spies’, visit Cecilienhof, a palace that was originally built as a residence for Germany’s last crown prince but came to be used to host the Potsdam Conference in 1945. We describe the discussions that took place between Churchil (and later Attlee), Truman and Stalin, which were to seal the fate of Cold War Europe for the next half century. Walk around the Soviet forbidden city, which was the loction of the HQ of KGB counterintelligence during the Cold War in East Germany.

See the stunning Sanssouci Palace, favourite residence of Frederick the Great, which is set in beautiful parkland scattered with temples, churches and follies.

Finishing Point

Your guide will travel with you back to S+U Friedrichstrasse station, Berlin.

Insider Route

The following sites are an example of our approximate route on this tour. You will see and learn stories about all these sites and many more! The route may change any day, given circumstances on the day.

  1. Meeting Point: on the square next to the Palace of Tears, Reichstagufer 17
  2. S-bahn Postdam – Arrive at the beautiful city of Potsdam and receive an overview on Potsdam’s history
  3. Alte Markt & City Palace – Spectacular square and newly reconstructed city palace
  4. Glienicke Bridge (Bridge of spies) – learn about spy swaps during the Cold War
  5. Neuer Garten & Marble Palace – See the legendary gardens and some of the most attractive palaces Potsdam has to offer
  6. Cecilienhof palace – Last royal palace built (1917) and location of the Potsdam conference 1945
  7. Old KGB forbidden city – The HQ of the KGB, which was a NO GO area for the locals
  8. Dutch quarter – The soldier king had this portion of town constructed by Dutch builders in the 18th century
  9. Brandenburger Tor (Brandenburg Gate Potsdam)
  10. Friedenskirche (Church of Peace) – Walk through the picturesque church and garden area
  11. Sanssouci Palace – Friedrich the Great‘s Prussian royal bungalow

Insider Reviews

Vast, beautiful, refreshing parks, esp....

Neuer Park, to reach palaces were healing experience, unforgettable and blessing. Strongly recommend to join the Potsdam day trip for Berlin tourists. Dave S. Apr. '23

Perfect Potsdam Introduction!

This 6 hour tour is probably the best introduction to the Prussian city that a person can have. He introduces you to the past, the present and the funny stories that Potsdam has to share. All the while making sure you get to enjoy an idyllic walk and get to take all the pictures you'd like. My family and I highly recommend investing in this for those who might not know Potsdam well or do not want to go straight to paying for every museum there is in this UNESCO World Heritage city 🙂

Great Daytrip to Potsdam

We had a great guide - provided excellent historical information ranging from the reign of Frederick the Great to the Potsdam Conference following WW2. I did not know a great deal about Prussian history before taking this tour - it was fascinating. We saw many beautiful structures including Sansoucci Palace. This was an easy day trip from Berlin and had an entirely different feeling and look than the capital. Would definitely recommend.

Insider ism the best

Fantastic tour with Insider! Our guide explained the significance of everything well and connected well with the group. Wouldn’t hesitate to tell someone to book this tour.

Fab place and excellent day out!

Visited Potsdam on a guided walking last week..the Place itself is amazing and our guide organised the tour brilliantly with ample breaks, Train, Tram and bus rides in between.. to summarise its a Great place with lots of history and amazing architecture complimented by a very well organised and informative guide

Interesting tour

We did this tour last week. Good comprehensive tour tour. But was tiring as it was really sunny and hot. We travelled by train from Berlin and later by tram in Potsdam. Saw,all the sights. Our guide was very clear and knew his history. Would recomend this tour

Insider did a great job

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable in the history of Potsdam and the story of the palaces. Would recommend him and this tour for anyone interested in the subject.

Great snap shot of Potsdam

The guide did a fantastic job of moving at a good pace to keep to schedule but also allowing us to stop and take photos in the right plaves. He was extremely knowledgeable and showed personality rather than simply reciting facts.