Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial by Bus


10 am


4 hours

Meeting Point

Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin



aged 18 and over



aged 17 and under


Required Transport Ticket

No public transport ticket required


  • Sit back and relax in our air-conditioned coach as your expert guide provides commentary en route to the site.
  • Drive through the small town of Oranienburg, on the edge of which the former concentration camp is located, and see sites where inmates were forced to work.
  • Our licensed guides expose the realities of life and death in the camp, where inmates fell victim to starvation, disease, forced labour and systematic extermination.
  • Take in the roll call square, the punishment cell block, the execution grounds and the crematoria.
  • Look around the Jewish barracks and learn about everyday life and survival under the brutal conditions imposed by the SS.
  • See the infirmary, where prisoners were subjected to horrific medical experimentation.
  • Learn of the fate of various notable prisoners and hear stories of humanity amid the horror.
  • Understand what became of the camp and its inmates as the Red Army advanced, and how it came to be Special Camp No. 7/No. 1 after Soviet liberation.
  • Return to the coach to travel back to the centre of Berlin, accompanied by your guide.

Starting Point

Meet your guide on the square next to the Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears), Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin.


Travelling to the site on our private air-conditioned bus provides an opportunity for your expert guide to deliver a commentary that will lend context and understanding to your tour of the memorial. You will be given essential background information about the Nazis’ rise to power and the purpose and conditions of the early concentration camp system in Germany.

Once at the memorial site, our licensed guide will give you a full and sensitive account of the horrors that occurred here. Over the nine years that the Nazis operated Sachsenhausen concentration camp, they incarcerated over 200,000 people. Some 45,000 of those interned here succumbed to exhaustion, undernourishment, disease, medical experimentation, and systematic extermination.

As you move around the memorial, you will see buildings such as the barracks, the infirmary, the pathology laboratory, the punishment cells and sites such as the execution grounds, the crematoria, and the gas chamber. As well as learning about the brutal day-to-day lives and deaths of the inmates, you will also hear individual stories of survival, dignity and solidarity among prisoners who were able to help one another endure the unendurable.

Your guide will explain how, as the war moved into its final phase, an unprecedented campaign of mass killings began, culminating in weakened survivors being forced into “death marches” away from the camp. After the liberation of Sachsenhausen in 1945, the camp was repurposed by the Soviets as a “Soviet Special Camp”, where enemies of the new Soviet state were incarcerated up until 1950.

As such, it was not until 1961 that the East German authorities established a memorial here. It is important to consider on the tour how Germany comes to terms with this dark chapter of its history through education of its citizens and memorialisation of the victims of the past.

At the conclusion of the tour you will return to the coach to be driven back to the centre of Berlin.

Finishing Point

The tour concludes at our centrally located meeting point near Friedrichstraße train station.

Insider Route

This itinerary is intended to give you a general idea of our route on this tour. You can expect to see and hear stories about all of these sites, as well as many more! Please be aware that the route is subject to change on any given day, should unforeseen circumstances arise.

  1. Meeting point – on the square next to the Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears), Reichstagufer 17. On the bus ride you will be given the background information that will prepare you for your tour.
  2. Drive through the town of Oranienburg – see where slave labourers worked and learn about how locals collaborated with and opposed the Nazi regime.
  3. Former SS villas – built by concentration camp inmates and inhabited by high-ranking Nazi officials
  4. The Concentration Camp Inspectorate – the innocuous-looking building that was the central administrative authority for the entire concentration camp system of the Third Reich
  5. The former SS training grounds – today repurposed as a police training facility
  6. Appellplatz, where prisoners were forced to assemble for hours in all weather conditions
  7. The Jewish barracks
  8. Camp kitchen
  9. Boot testing track – slave labour in the form of testing army boots
  10. Gas chamber and crematoria – a terrible testament to the many lives lost
  11. The prison cells – where camp inmates faced punishment and special prisoners of the Gestapo were incarcerated
  12. Station Z – mass murder, execution trench, “neck shot facility”
  13. Infirmary – where brutal medical experiments were carried out on prisoners
  14. Pathology centre – where SS doctors performed so-called autopsies
  15. Camp brothel

Insider Reviews

The bus ride was very comfortable...

The bus ride was very comfortable. Our very knowledgeable tour guide, Campbell, spoke on the history of the Third Reich almost the whole way. I don't know how he did it! He also pointed out the town and the pretty little houses that officers got that were right beside the concentration camp. Whether or not the buildings in the camp were the original or built as replicas didn't matter. The impact was powerful. Campbell's description of the layout of the camp, the control of the officers, and life of the inmates was very enlightening. Brenda and Al June '24

Glad we decided to book this tour.

Easy to find tour guides on the morning of the tour, spotless and extremely comfortable bus, knowledgeable tour guide who led thought provoking discussions while giving facts and details. Glad we used the tour company instead of going on our own; we would have missed out on so many little details you just don’t learn about unless with a tour guide. Would book this company again in the future! Michelle T. June '24

The tour was excellent ...

The tour was excellent and Paul the Australian tour guide extremely knowledgeable. His insight into the factors that shaped history in the lead up to the war was particularly interesting. Leonie K. June '24

Informative and Moving.

We had an excellent guide, Paul, who was very knowledgeable on the subject and really brought the times and the experiences in the camp to life. It was a well organised and very informative tour. N.B. June '24

Enjoy this tour very much.

Enjoy this tour very much. This was due to the great leadership by Joanna. She knew her information well. We did the tour by bus to save time as we want to do more activities in the afternoon. Kathy W. May. '24

Definitely worth your time and money!

This is a great tour for anyone wanting to see a concentration camp, no matter how much you know or don’t know. Our tour guide, Paul, was knowledgeable, respectful, and punctual. Definitely worth your time and money! Teaq B July '23

Chilling, but must do.

An excellent day, led by our supremely knowledgable, very personable and enthusiastic leader, (Who even took the time to chat about my Uncle’s Bomber Command service) The chilly, wet weather added to the atmosphere of this chilling place. A must do visit, appreciating the history. A++++ all the way.

The guide makes the trip.

I expected to be moved just simply because of the nature of the tour, but our guide left me speechless with the detailed information and insight. One of the most knowledge filled tours I’ve taken.

Bus tour to Sachsenhausen.

The tour was very interesting! It is very impressive to see the Camp in person and imagine all that the victims went through. Our guide, was very knowledgeable and provided in-depth information regarding several aspects of the functioning of the Camps and all the system behind them. Bus was very comfortable

Info on bus was amazing!

Our tour guide was so knowledgable and passionate about what was daily life in the camp he actually brought it to life. It was a chillingly memorable experience and my 17 year old son who is fascinated by history now has such an understanding of life inside one of these camps that no history book could ever give him.

In depth look in to the heart of evil.

Our tour guide, Jamie, was amazing. Extremely knowledgeable about Sachsenhausen and the Nazi era of concentration and extermination camps. Taking the bus to the site was an excellent choice. Jamie's commentary began as soon as the bus pulled out, so we had an overview before we reached Sachsenhausen. Learning about this site's role in the planning of Hitler's mass murder campaign was heart-wrenching and provides a cautionary tale for all.

Trip to Sachsenhausen.

Fantastic tour with our guide. We traveled there and back in a comfortable minibus.Phil gave us loads of background information to the camp on the way there ,so i was well informed on arrival .Phil's description's , stories and anecodtes were second to none in explaining this terrible site . A somber but great tour , i would highly recommend !

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.

Comfortable half hour ride to the camp with very knowledgeable guide. He spoke on the way about the rise of the Third Reich and formation of the concentration camps. The camp has a museum and various structures which have been rebuilt. Our guide, Campbell, provided great insights and information about this and other camps. Knight D. Sept. '22