Sachsenhausen by Bus




4 hours

Meeting Point

Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin


Adult 18 - 99



Under 18 yrs

Under 18 yrs


Required Transport Ticket

No ticket required


  • Travel in an air-conditioned bus and enjoy commentary from your guide who will prepare you for your experience in the former concentration camp
  • Drive through the city of Oranienburg, where the former camp was located and see sites where the slave labourers were worked to death through attrition
  • See the barracks, punishment cells, camp kitchen, execution facilities, gas chamber and crematoria
  • Your licensed guide will take you through the memorial and tell you the stories of life and death at Sachsenhausen

Starting Point

Meet at our guide on the square next to the Palace of Tears, Reichstagufer 17, 10117 Berlin.


Climb aboard our private air-conditioned bus and listen to your expert guide give you the background information on the Nazi’s coming to power and the early camp system in Germany. Once you arrive at the memorial site our licensed guide will give you a full and sensitive account of the horrors that occurred in this former concentration camp.

In the former Sachsenhausen concentration camp, an estimated 45,000 prisoners fell victim to starvation, disease, forced labour, systematic, experimentation or extermination. Experience the barracks, punishment cells, execution grounds, crematoria, pathology laboratory, gas chamber and infirmary. Hear stories about the brutal day to day lives of the inmates, but also survival and solidartiy amongst the prisoners and how they helped one another survive.

Learn about how Germany comes to terms with that dark chapter of it’s history through education and memorialisng the victims of the past.

At the conclusion of the tour you will be driven back to the centre of Berlin, where the tour concludes.

Finishing Point

Your guide and coach will drop you back to our central meeting point near S+U Friedrichstrasse Station.

Insider Route

The following sites are an example of our approximate route on this tour. You will see and learn stories about all these sites and many more! The route may change any day, given circumstances on the day.

  1. Meeting Point: on the square beside the Palace of Tears, Reichstagufer 17. On the bus ride to the former concentration camp Sachsenhausen receive all the background information preparing you for your experience
  2. Next you will drive with your guide to the town of Oranienburg – See locations where slave labourers worked and learn about the collaboration between the local town and the SS
  3. Villas for the SS functionaries, built by the slave labourers
  4. Inspectorate of Camps – HQ of concentration camp terror, the innocuous building from which directives were given to over 1000 camps during WW2
  5. SS training grounds – Today repurposed as a police training facility
  6. Roll call square and camp electric fence
  7. Inside the former concentration camp – see the old Jewish barracks
  8. Camp kitchen
  9. Crematoria
  10. Gas chamber
  11. Prison cell – Torture for prisoners and site of where special prisoners were kept, such as Georg Elser, who tried to execute Hitler in 1939
  12. Station Z – Mass murder, execution trench, “shot in the back of the neck” facility
  13. Infirmary – Experimentation on the prisoners
  14. Pathology centre
  15. Camp brothel-for the inmates

Insider Reviews

Great tour - super informative

Gabi was so knowledgeable about the camp, the history surrounding the war and Germany’s political history and was very friendly, inclusive and helpful. The tour itself was the perfect length of time - 10am - 2pm and the coach drive out was very comfortable. Highly highly recommend.

Chilling, but must do

An excellent day, led by our supremely knowledgable, very personable and enthusiastic leader, (Who even took the time to chat about my Uncle’s Bomber Command service) The chilly, wet weather added to the atmosphere of this chilling place. A must do visit, appreciating the history. A++++ all the way.

The guide makes the trip

I expected to be moved just simply because of the nature of the tour, but our guide left me speechless with the detailed information and insight. One of the most knowledge filled tours I’ve taken.

Bus tour to Sachsenhausen

The tour was very interesting! It is very impressive to see the Camp in person and imagine all that the victims went through. Our guide, was very knowledgeable and provided in-depth information regarding several aspects of the functioning of the Camps and all the system behind them. Bus was very comfortable

Info on bus was amazing!

Our tour guide was so knowledgable and passionate about what was daily life in the camp he actually brought it to life. It was a chillingly memorable experience and my 17 year old son who is fascinated by history now has such an understanding of life inside one of these camps that no history book could ever give him.

In depth look in to the heart of eveil.

Our tour guide, Jamie, was amazing. Extremely knowledgeable about Sachsenhausen and the Nazi era of concentration and extermination camps. Taking the bus to the site was an excellent choice. Jamie's commentary began as soon as the bus pulled out, so we had an overview before we reached Sachsenhausen. Learning about this site's role in the planning of Hitler's mass murder campaign was heart-wrenching and provides a cautionary tale for all.

Trip to Sachsenhausen

Fantastic tour with our guide. We traveled there and back in a comfortable minibus.Phil gave us loads of background information to the camp on the way there ,so i was well informed on arrival .Phil's description's , stories and anecodtes were second to none in explaining this terrible site . A somber but great tour , i would highly recommend !

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

Comfortable half hour ride to the camp with very knowledgeable guide. He spoke on the way about the rise of the Third Reich and formation of the concentration camps. The camp has a museum and various structures which have been rebuilt. Our guide, Campbell, provided great insights and information about this and other camps. Knight D. Sept. '22