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Roger Bruggmann (Wolfhausen, Switzerland) e-Mail: rogerbridgeman(at)

Tour: Cold War Berlin
Guide: Brian Bell
Date: 07.07.18

"Brian Bell is the best tour guide i ever experienced....he is funny, he knows a lot and made the tour really special...and his positive attitude and charming personality is just great! Big compliments....Roger Bruggmann, Switzerland"

Ben O'Brien (Berlin) e-Mail: benjobrien(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Phil
Date: 03.07.18

"My partner Kath and I did the Famous Walk today. Our guide- Phil - was fantastic, offering great information and insight into the many historic sites Berlin has to offer, and a non biased opinion of which museums worth visiting and why. Phil's natural enthusiasm in explaining the historical events that took place means you are wanting to catch every word to ensure you are fully understanding what took place here in the years gone by. Both of us fully recommend this tour- well worthwhile"

WILLIAM CONNERS (PHILADELPHIA, PA) e-Mail: philahistory(at)

Tour: Third Reich Berlin
Guide: Jamie
Date: 02.07.18

"Over the past twenty years, I have taken numerous tours of the Nazi period in Berlin and have never been disappointed, but my tour today led by Jamie was the best. The route, the sites, the information - all crisp and clear. But Jamie's academic background and obvious research are what made this such a worthwhile investment of four hours, and why I recommend it so highly."

Ken Tecler (Maryland USA) e-Mail: kbtlbt(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Guide: Chloe
Date: 25.06.18

"We want to add our own personal thanks to Chloe and the Insider Tour group for providing a meaningful and thought provoking tour of the concentration camp. It is not an easy subject especially with a group of citizens maybe 30 people from around bringing different understandings of concentration camps. But Chloe gave us all clear, concise and frank portrayals of what happened there on a particularly busy day for the facility. It was simply chilling to actually walk the same streets and path that prisoners walked from the train station to the camp. Don't miss the opportunity to take this in if you are in Berlin. Insider Tours seems to have this well organized and Chloe made sure all of us returned safely after a long, hard day "

Loraine Scicluna (Berlin) e-Mail: lscicluna(at)xxxxx.ner

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Guide: Pip
Date: 20.06.18

"Just to thank Pip for an excellent tour of Sachenhausen Concentration camp. It was a hot and muggy day but we found her pace was right for everyone, that she made sure we all had water and toilet stops. Best of all, Pip had an excellent command of her subject and managed to put all the harrowing details into an overall picture which managed to be both sad and positive. "

Chris (Tampa) e-Mail: Blueshirtdynasty12(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Guide: Pip
Date: 20.06.18

"While its a pretty intense amount of walking, its worth it and Pip was a great host. Charming, professional, can tell a great story, and helpful until the very end. Thanks!"

William Duncan (Aberdeen) e-Mail: lduncan(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Maria
Date: 12.06.18

""This was the most effective and interesting way to get to know Berlin. I did it on my first day and it was a perfect way to get in,the guide Maria was splendid. A great sense of humour with an incredible knowledge of this history of then & now. William "

Jon Edwards (St Helens) e-Mail: jonathanedwards59(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Guide: Josh
Date: 13/06/18

"Brilliant. Highly enjoyable. Very informative. Our guide, Josh, was welcoming and open to 'chats' whilst walking from area to area. We felt like we had known him for years after only half an hour in his company. Excellent tour and an absolutely excellent guide. Thankyou Josh "

Lee Sanders (Tampa, FL. ) e-Mail: Primusone(at)

"Nickolai is an excellent knowledgeable guide, one of the best I’ve ever seen. His passion and knowledge of this facility in my opinion is unsurpassed. I would highly recommend anyone that visits Sachsenhausen has him as their primary English speaking guide. He takes you there historically and mentally like you are there. "

Paula Thomson (Los Angeles) e-Mail: paula.thomson(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Barnaby
Date: 29.05.18

"My friend, Amy, and I want to thank Barnaby and the Insider organization. The famous walking tour was conducted by Barnaby. He was warm, responsible, helpful, and incredibly knowledgeable. We enjoyed the tour and highly recommend it. Thank you Barnaby"

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