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Carol K (USA) e-Mail: bermuda1155(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Walid
Date: 31/08/18

"Take this walking tour! You will not be disappointed, Walid patiently and thoroughly took us through a long time horizon of history. His knowledge is apparent throughout the walk. His enthusiasm for the city and all aspects of its past are woven into a coherent story that keeps your attention. He interacted personally with each person in what was a reasonably large group ...quite a feat in itself. We heard many compliments throughout from others in the group clearly Walid has a winning combination of style and knowledge....All in all, a thouroughly enjoyable tour. Thank you, Walid"

Vladimir & Daliah Gurin (Berlin) e-Mail: vgurin(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Brian Deedrick
Date: 10.08.18

"After visiting five cities in Germany and Austria, one of the strongest memories that we cherish would have to be the Berlin walking tour led by Brian Deedrick. He walked us through the main and hidden sites of Berlin in a way that pulled us into the dramatic history of the city. The combination of his deep knowledge and passion for his beloved city makes his presentation the best we could dream of. We also would like to mention his friendly and intelligent way of communicating with us all as well as his lively sense of humor. Guiding the tour is not just a job for him; it is a mission which he fulfills beautifully. We were very lucky to be members of Brian’s group, and we highly recommend anyone who wants to learn about Berlin in an exciting and educational way to participate in this wonderful tour. Bravo, Brian!"

Phil (England) e-Mail: philglenys(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: David
Date: 12.08.18

"David's enthusiasm for Berlin shone brilliantly. His anecdotes and stories made spaces and buildings come alive, even places I had been to before. Thanks for a lovely morning!"

Jon & Leah (Berlin) e-Mail: DRHODOR(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: Brian Bell
Date: 21/08/18

"Seriously - Look no further than Insider Tour. First and foremost - Brian Bell was an incredible guide - knowledgeable beyond about past and present German history and explained everything clearly with references easy to understand. Within four hours ~ 100 years of history was brought together in a way that make you yearn for more time in this beautiful city. I can only surmise that all the other guides are equally amazing but if you have the opportunity to get connected with Brian - don’t think twice. He will make it worth your while. And even you can go PRIVATE this will certainly add to the experience. Thanks again for an incredible tour. "

Lewis Kerman (Palm Springs, California, USA) e-Mail: lewis.kerman(at)

Tour: Day Trip: Berlin to Dresden
Guide: J.J.
Date: 17.08.18

"Our guide, Amit, was not listed. He was excellent and gave us a full explanation of the history and culture of Dresden as we drove down. We were astounded by Dresden and so pleased to participate in yet another wonderful tour throughout Insidertours. This was our sixth walk with them and we are grateful for their wonderful presence and excellent guides. Thanks, J.J. — we went on two tours with you last year! Lewis & Clark "

Theo (Netherlands) e-Mail: t.h.schaffers(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: David
Date: 12.08.18

"I was in Berlin for the European Athletics Championships. On the last day a tour through Berlin with David as a guide. He is a great guide: humor, good knowledge, clear. Although I had already visited the city myself, he showed beautiful other places (historical centre) and provided excellent information. "Watch out for the tourist traps". Thanks David."

Gary Bradley (Berlin) e-Mail: garybradley7(at)

Tour: The Famous Insider Walk
Guide: J.J.
Date: 13.08.18

"Having been in Berlin last year and took The Third Reich tour with Randall we decided to book another tour this year,we were not disappointed,JJ was thoroughly engaging and passionate about his subject,he guided us through from east to west,some dodgy jokes thrown in for good measure,highly reccomended"

Gary Clifton (USA) e-Mail: Garymclifton(at)

"After having the pleasure of Taylor as our guide for the Berlin City tour, my teenage son and I signed up for the Sacheshausen Concentration Camp tour. We were especially impressed with Taylor’s knowledge and easy going but passionate presentation of the historical facts while putting j to perspective of the time. I have traveled all around the world and had many opportunities to participate in these guided tours but Taylor has definitely been a pleasure to learn from. if all of Insiders Tours employ individuals like Taylor then you can’t go wrong for an English speaking tour. Book with confidence and ask for Taylor! He is worth it! Thanks Taylor from Matt, Gary and Lori. You made Berlin enjoyable. "

Michael Kontaxis (NJ, USA) e-Mail: michael.kontaxis(at)

Tour: Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
Guide: Phil
Date: 15.07.18

"Phil's enthusiasm, energy, organizational and presentation skills made the otherwise very depressing history of the place made the tour a quite enlightening and informative experience. His deep and detailed historical knowledge of the times and places around the entire concentration camp mentality and practice left no questions unanswered through the tour. His consideration of the needs of the people in the group was appreciated. I believe It would be difficult to find a better guide than Phil."

Linda Fuller (East Horsley) e-Mail: linda(at)

Tour: Third Reich Berlin
Guide: Jamie
Date: 25.07.18

"A brilliant tour, Jamie is a fantastic guide. He is so knowledgeable about the period, the area and buildings. His balance of approach and his personality gave us a tour that we all throughly enjoyed and we highly recommend. "

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