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The BEST way to experience a city is through its history yet with an understanding of its future.

That's where we come in. Insider Guides are exceptional. We don't 'dumb down' or try to make information complex. We deliver brilliantly constructed tours (yet non scripted!) that leave people intrigued and wanting more. With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of guests we have esentially become the benchmark of tour excellence.

Our ethos is to provide you with the BEST - for us that means: engaging non scripted tours, a dynamic historical narrative, to deliver insights that only a team of specialists could do, tour routes that encompass hidden and unique sites (which other companies simply miss), on top of all major and integral sites, and be nothing less than a trave­l experience, if not the highlight of your visit here.

"An Insider Tour of Berlin is probably the closest the guided walk gets to cutting edge historical research. The leaders are academics – engaging young archeologists and political scientists – and their take on Europe’s most febrile city is far from pedestrian."
The Sunday Times

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Insider Tour is committed to providing a high standard of service that will enrich the visitor's experience of our city Berlin.

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