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  • Start the tour with a hotel pickup and travel with your guide with public transportation to Oranienburg – location of the former Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
  • Learn about life at the camp, stories of survival and cruelty, from its creation by the Nazis, to its use by the Soviets post-WWII
  • You’ll see areas of the camp like the Jewish Barracks, Infirmary, Camp Kitchen, Execution Trench and Cremetoria

Start your tour with a hotel pickup and travel with public transportation to the town of Oranienburg – location of the former concentration camp, Sachsenhausen. Walk with your guide through the city and learn about collaboration and resistance of the local population during the time of the Nazi regime.

After a brief break upon arrival at the memorial site, your expert licensed guide will inform you about the 200,000+ people who were imprisoned here by the Nazis and the tens of thousands were brutally murdered. Sachsenhausen was initially used to imprison political opponents. Later the camp was used as a training ground for the Holocaust once certain groups had been defined as racially or biologically inferior.

Our qualified guides relay the realities of life and death in the camp: from rationing and the brutal roll call, to all of the different forms of hard labour that the inmates had to endure, learn how the inmates suffered on a daily basis at the hands of the sadistic SS guards.

After the liberation of Sachsenhausen in 1945, the camp was repurposed by the Soviets as a “Soviet Special Camp” where enemies of the new Soviet State were incarcerated up until 1950. Then learn about the memorialisation of the concentration camp by the East Germans during the Cold War years and how its been memorialised after the German reunification in 1990.

While at the memorial site, you will see the Jewish barracks, camp prison, camp kitchen, execution facilities, gas chamber, crematoria, infirmaries, pathology center, and guard towers.

At the end of the tour, your guide will return to Berlin center with you, on the journey back to Berlin your guide can give you tips on how to best spend your remainnng time in Berlin.

Example Itinerary

The following sites are examples of things to see on this tour. Your exact route through the camp will depend on the day, but this list should give you a good idea of what to expect!

  • Oranienburg Town
  • HQ of the entire concentration camp system of Europe (IKL)
  • Communications bunker
  • SS training facility and barracks
  • Commandant’s House
  • Tower A machine gun nest
  • Electric fence
  • Jewish Barracks
  • Punishment Cells
  • The Gallows
  • East German memorial 1961
  • Execution Trench
  • Station Z
  • Special Camp 7/1
  • Pathology Laboratory
  • Infirmary
  • Death March Memorial
  • Return to Berlin

Insider Reviews

This is a heavy tour

Jamie, our guide, was thoughtful, informed, and provided a balance in capturing the horror, while showcasing the humanity of the prisoners and survivors. We took three middle schoolers and they were engaged and informed. Kali P. Apr. '23

The tour was well organised and very informative

Booking the tour online was easy and there was good communication via email. Our tour guide Martin met us at our hotel lobby, took us to Sachsenhausen and brought us back with no hassle at all. Martin was very knowledgeable and kept both the adults and children interested in the tour, answering all our questions and more. Manjula Apr. '23

What an incredible experience

Our guide was excellent. He was a walking history book with such vast knowledge and he had a lot of patience. The lesson was tough to stomach but important. Yes it will take some time to reach the camp, but it will be a lifetime experience. It seems the reason the tour takes 6 hours is because the camp is located in some small town outside of Berlin.


Excellent tour given by Nickolai. Very knowledgeable gentleman and he made the tour very interesting for all in attendance.

Amazing history

Our tour guide delivered one of the best tour and commentary I have experienced. his subject knowledge was excellent and delivered with conviction and humour, when appropriate. Would recommend this tour to all.

Family visit to the camp with great guide

Our guide was great and drove us across the camp with the right level of information and emotion. It was a deep historical tour, from my son (7 years old) to my parents (70+).


Our tour guide and gave amazing information surrounding everything we saw, enthusiastic and gave enough information and still allowed us to have time to see everything else after previous information had been given

Sachsenhausen walking tour - private bus

Excellent tour with excellent guide Maria! Very professional and very informative.