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  • Get paired with one of our experts in Jewish history and start your tour off with a hotel pickup
  • Learn about life over the centuries for the Jewish population of Berlin; from the emancipation of the 18th century, to the devestation under Nazi rule, all the way to the flourishing Jewish community today
  • You’ll see sights such as: the New Synagogue, location of the first synagogue in Berlin, Otto Weidt’s workshop for the blind and the old Jewish Cemetery

From Mendelssohn’s time during the emancipation of the Jewish people in the 18th century, through to Einstein, Jewish people have been responsible for some of the most significant events in intellectual and cultural development, changing the way all of us live and think. Yet their achievements came against a backdrop of anti-Semitic harassment and discrimination, which came to a head in the 20th century, with devastating effect.

Walk through the courtyards of Mitte where working-class Jewish immigrants dreamed of a better world. See the the magnificent New Synagogue and hear the amazing story of this building, which reflects the fate of Berlin’s Jewish community before, during and after Nazi persecution. Visit the Otto Weidt’s Workshop for the Blind, one of the places where Jewish people found a safe haven during Nazi tyranny. See the site of the old Jewish Cemetery, which was desecrated by the Nazis in 1943 in an effort to eradicate the memory of Jewish history in Berlin.

Walk down Rosen Strasse, where women protested in 1943 against the deportation of Jewish men Experience the memorial that is on this street today memoralising those brave women who stood up against the brutal dictatorship.

At the conclusion of your tour your guide can give you tips on how best to maximise your remaining time in Berlin.

Choose between a 2, 3, 4 or 6 hour tour which starts right from your hotel

Example Itinerary

The following sites are examples of places to see on this tour. Your exact route will depend on your hotel pickup point, but this list should give you a good idea of what to expect!

  • The New Synagogue
  • The Old Jewish Quarter
  • Site of Moses Mendelssohn’s House
  • Rosenstrasse Memorial
  • Location of the Old Synagogue
  • The Hackesche and Heckmann Höfe
  • The Otto Weidt Museum
  • The Missing House Project
  • Jewish Cemetery on Grosse Hamburger Strasse
  • Jewish High School
  • Nobel Prize winner Nelly Sachs Memorial
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Insider Reviews

Alexander the Great

We had a great day with Alexander, who lived up to the description and more. Alexander has a seemingly endless knowledge of history, culture, music, art, fashion and food, and he communicates in such a personal and fascinating way, that you don't want to miss a single word. On top of that, he will show you places, that you would otherwise never find and tell you stories, that will both touch, amaze and amuse you. Being a former tour guide myself I am deeply impressed by the skills of this young man. He is a truely in a league of his own.

Jamie the guide from Isle...

Jamie the guide from isle of wight , was very very good. extremly knowlgelable, i would defenitly send local guides to a FAM trip to get familiar with the israeli jewish story and life.

Great knowledgable guide

Our guide, Asaf, was amazing, so knowledgeable and friendly. Very impressed and glad he was our guide. The information he was able to provide really added an extra level of depth to the tour.

Excellent private tour of Jewish history

Guide was very professional providing history of Berlin as a city. Then related the history of Jews in Berlin; how Frederick the Great invited Jews from Austria to settle in Prussia. With this background in mind we enjoyed a 3 hour walk throughout the areas of Jewish interest including a view of the New Synagogue which was partly rebuilt after the war. A very worthwhile tour.

A must see tour

Excellent and informative tour. Orit was an engaging and eloquent guide. Would highly recommend this tour!

Great tour

Great tour. We really appreciated his knowledge and as Jewish people we loved being shown the Jewish history by another fellow Jew. This was a really heartwarming tour and cant wait to be back in Berlin to learn more.