Pergamon & New Museum




3 hours

Meeting Point

Bodestrasse, at the steps of the James Simon Gallery





17 and under


Required Transport Ticket

No ticket required


  • See the famous Bust of Nefertiti, some say she is the Mona Lisa of ancient Egypt, 3300 years old and has to be seen to be believed!
  • Marvel at the Market Gate of Miletus, which is the biggest reconstructed Hellenistic architecture in any museum in the world
  • Walk through Nebuchadnezzar II’s Ishtar Gate of Babylon, the impressive main processional way in to the old biblical city of Babylon
  • The fabulous Neues museum (New museum) reconstructed by the master architect David Chipperfield, it is a masterpiece of modern architecture, with the new seamlessly infused with the old portions of the museum.
  • The oldest Roman mummies (found in Egypt) on display in any museum in the world, dating back 2000 years

Starting Point

Meet the guide at the bottom of the steps to the James Simon Gallery, Bodestrasse on Museums Island


Discover the jewels of Berlin’s world-famous Museum Island. Explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Greece and Rome on our exclusive ‘skip the line’ tour through two remarkable museums: the Pergamon and the New Museum.

Enjoy the master architect, David Chipperfield’s, spectacular reconstruction/renovation of the New museum.

Marvel at the bust of Nefertiti which dates back the 14th century BCE. See the stunning market gate of Mlietus, built under the reign of the Roman emporers in the 2nd century BCE (Trajen/Hadrian).  Walk through the Ishtar gate, Babylon’s main processional gate built under Nebukadnezar II in the 6th century BCE.

Hosted by one of Insider’s expert guides, you will not only be able to admire the impressive artifacts and architectural structures, you will also be taking a journey through history and gaining a critical understanding of the collection’s relationship to Berlin, past and present.

Finishing Point

Your guide will finish the tour back at the meeting point outside the James Simon Gallery.

Insider Route

The following sites are an example of our approximate route on this tour. You will see and learn stories about all these sites and many more! The route may change any day, given circumstances on the day.

  1. Meeting Point: at the bottom of the steps of the James Simon Gallery
  2. Pergamon Museum.
  3. New Museum.
  4. Ishtar gate, Nebukadnezar II’s main entry in to the biblical city of Babylon
  5. Egyptian artefacts dating back 4500 years
  6. Sarcophagi from Egypt and Rome
  7. Berlin’s Golden Hat
  8. Market Gate of Miletus
  9. Bust of Nefertiti, which dates back to the 14th century BCE

Insider Reviews

Museum Island Pergamon Guided Tour with Ariel

There isn’t a better way to visit museum island than with an expert guide. Our guide from insider tours, guide was highly informed, made good jokes to keep it entertaining and really made ancient history come to life. Having a guide makes all the difference; pointing out the main features of ancient history in chronological order, you learn the salient features without being overwhelmed by the size and all the reading in the museum. Thank you for a once in a life time experience!

A brilliant experience

Being shown around the museums' jaw-dropping collections by the one and only Jamie, a brilliant fountainhead of knowlege and insight, was a splendid hightlight in getting more and more acquainted with Berlin as a place of reflection and contemplation of history. If you are a fan of history, if you appreciate wonderful art, and want to get an enhanced, layered trip into the unique wealth and depth of Berlin's Pergamon and Neues Museum, do yourself a favor and take this tour. Perk: you get to use the all-day museum pass to all museums at the Museum Island, great value.

Excellent museums tour

Great tour of the Pergamon and New Museums. This was the highlight of our visit to Berlin. Our guide did an excellent job.


Our guide was excellent. Passionate and knowledgeable, with a smattering of jokes (some even good!). Both of the museums beautifully set out and fascinating.

World class museums great guide

Our tour guide clearly has an exceptional knowledge and enthusiasm for this ancient art . He had an engaging personality and kept us enthralled . We learned and saw so many things that we would not have experienced on our own. We cannot recommend this tour highly enough!

Knowledgeable guide with great personality

The guide fully informed us on all aspects of the structure of the museums and the artifacts within the museum. Great history lesson and you can tell he had real passion for his job.

Very interesting

Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and managed to turn the whole experience into an exciting adventure! Instead of aimlesslessly wandering around 4 museums we were guided to the most interesting displays in these extremely well curated Museums. Well worth the money!

Great tour

Our guide has a background in archeology which made this tour so interesting and informative. His use of narrative involved us deeply in our journey through the museums. He spoke so respectively of history and culture.